Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time To Say Good-Bye

I can't even begin to put into words how thankful we are to have Mazy in our lives!

Before God showed His plan for us with regards to kids, I especially wondered how God would use me, if He was not calling me to be an earthly mother. When we moved to Minnesota, I in a way, went through an identity crisis. We had just left a pretty difficult situation behind, and here we were, in a new state, with a new start. That meant new opportunities and almost a starting-over process.

Minnesota in March is pretty chilly, so I found myself at home. Often. Wondering how to fill my time. I decided to foster a dream of mine, which was to start an organizing blog. At the time, I had our personal blog, but I found myself being even more intrigued with organizing and how to live life with less.

That is when I decided to start my own small business with a blog called Organizing Life With Less. I have absolutely LOVED being an organizing blogger and have learned more than I ever imagined, met some incredible people, and realized that in creating this blog, I became even more content. I discovered the type of life I really wanted to live - a life with less.

Over the past 2 years, I have spent countless hours developing Organizing Life With Less and when I look back, I can't believe that dream actually came true! It took a lot of hard work, but again, it has been completely worth it and I am a different person (for the good) because of it.

Well, now I have entered a new chapter in my life; being a mother to our absolutely beautiful daughter (okay, maybe I am a little biased). Since having her, I have realized my time looks very different, and I want it to stay that way. I do not have the time to keep up the organizing blog like I need to, and I am okay with that. I just didn't want to give up all the hard work I put into it. All of those posts! All of those pictures!

Even though I have decided to stop blogging for Organizing Life With Less, all of those posts are now imported into my personal blog, which is It is a new chapter that I am excited to embark on - and that is living life with less. Living with less commitments, so that I can be the mother I want to be!

I have enjoyed the past few years blogging for Organizing Life With Less, but it is also time to close this chapter too. So thank you for being a faithful reader and supporter! I have loved all of the challenges, giveaways, guest posts, and opportunities that Organizing Life With Less has given me, but it is now time to enjoy even MORE time with our baby girl! I do plan on still writing about organizing when I get the chance on our personal blog, so head on over there!

So, thanks again for all of your support, sweet comments, and faithfulness in reading this blog! Now it's time to start a new chapter and time to live my life with even less...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Declutter Your Home For Good!

Today I am linking up with HOMETALK to help you find even MORE creative ways to delutter your home! Hometalk is a lot like Pinterest, but I find it to be even more helpful because of the ability to ask questions, for advice, and also see the how to's on a project. 

As a constant declutterer myself, I am excited to share with you, 

You can also check out my previous boards on:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Today Is The DAY!


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Below, you can see how Norwex can save you MONEY!

Monday, May 18, 2015

How I Clean My Kitchen Sink


Tuesday, May 19 at 7:00pm CST, you can learn how Norwex products have transformed my cleaning routine and can transform yours as well! Click HERE to join the Norwex Online Facebook Party! You can also enter to win a FREE Enviro Cloth!

We do not have a dishwasher, nor have we ever had one. Many think that is just crazy, but like my husband says, "we do have a dishwasher - it's Kristin!" No, that is not some downgrading comment because who dries? My husband, Dan. We share the dish duties and always have. Honestly, we have some of the best conversations while doing dishes together!

Because I do so many dishes, our sink can get really nasty. Granted, each time I clean out all of the food and spray down the inside, but if there is any colored liquid that sits in there for a little while, it gets stained. I need to clean it out every week with some type of cleaner. I have to admit, that I haven't found a great cleaner - it always left it film-filled and with stains.

Our sink: it needed a good cleaning after who knows what liquid was sitting there for a few hours

I know, I am appalled that it looks like this, but really, this was just in between meals

 Insert Norwex products. I had heard word that a combination of the descaler and the cleaning paste, used with the spirisponge, that they can do wonders.

The thing is, whenever I used a lot of elbow grease, you can see what happened to the cheap scrubber. I created holes and lost lots of the padding that was inside it. That is why I was excited to use the spirisponge!

I sprayed the descaler inside the sink and let it set for 5-10 minutes. I then rubbed a bit of the cleaning paste on my spirisponge and started scrubbing:

 After about 1 minute, this is what it looked like:

The pictures don't lie - it really cleaned up that well! Those cleaners are worth it because they are replacing the numerous cleaners I have purchased that have NOT worked. I now am saving space and in the end, saving MONEY.

I am just loving cleaning my house with Norwex! If you would like your sinks to look like this, try the descalercleaning paste, or spirisponge. You can find them on my website!

52 Places in 52 Weeks: Gift Wrap

You found the PERFECT gift for that special someone. You get home to realize that your gift wrap is nothing but pathetic, and you are embarrassed that you have to put that lovely gift into THAT. Or maybe you are one of those last minute shoppers. You buy the first thing you see and when you get home, you again, realize that your gift wrap is a mess and you don't have time to decorate it in something fancy. Well, today we are going to organize ALL of our wrapping paper, gift bags, and whatever else you use to wrap gifts. This way, the next time you are stuck buying that last minute gift or want to put that something special in something beautiful, you are not stuck and left frustrated!

5 Steps to Organize Your Gift Wrapping Supplies:
1. Grab ALL of your gift wrapping supplies (including ribbon, tape, labels, Christmas paper, etc.)

2. Lay it all out.

3. Sort it (this may seem tedious...)
  • Organize your paper/bags by occasion
  • Organize those piles by putting all the things you have used in the past 2 years in one pile.
  • The rest? THROW IT AWAY (or donate it)
  • Again, you may think "I'll use it someday..." NO YOU WON'T. You've been saying that for the past how many years and those bags and wrapping paper are continually pushed down to the bottom.
  • Next, I would suggest buying a tote to store all of your gift wrapping supplies in (including scissors, tape, and a marker so everything is in one spot). 
I have two of them - one I keep all of my general supplies in and the other, Christmas. That way, each time I need to wrap a gift, I just have to grab ONE container and I know ALL of the supplies I need are in that one tote.

4. Another suggestion would be to see what "occasions" you do not have wrapping supplies for. Jot yourself a note to buy paper in advance for that occasion to prevent panic mode when you have to wrap something. I realize that you don't know what size the gift will be, but wrapping paper is great because it's something that is cheap, easy to decorate, and you don't feel as guilty throwing it away.

5. One of the most IMPORTANT ways to control your gift wrapping supplies is to USE UP WHAT YOU HAVE. I have been known to buy paper just because it is a good deal. Well, it's not a good deal when I can't fit it all into the containers I already have. Less is more, even in wrapping paper I think!

Hopefully this helps in the organizing of your gift wrap, that it is now easily accessible, and it is now a fun process, instead of a dreaded one!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

How Norwex Products Work

Are you a bit skeptical about Norwex? I know I was when I first heard about it! I didn’t understand how a cloth could really remove bacteria with no cleaner! If you aren’t completely convinced, check out this news clip!


If you want to get an idea of the Norwex essentials described in a NUTSHELL, please check out this video! 

Join me on Tuesday, May 19 at 7:00pm CST at my Norwex Online Facebook Party to learn more about Norwex products! 

Looking to make the most of your summer? Jennifer from has given me the privilege of doing a giveaway for not only 1, but TWO 100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook! You bet, that means TWO Organizing Life With Less readers will receive a copy (download) of this eBook for FREEJust sign up below! Giveaway ends Thursday, May 21, at 11:59pm. Or you can buy it now for only $8.00!

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cleaning the Living Room With Norwex

Just a few more days before the Norwex LIVE Online Facebook Party on May 19. If you haven't joined the group yet, I encourage you to do so, so that you also have the opportunity to win a free Enviro cloth as well!

I wanted to show you how I clean my living room with Norwex products!

One of the benefits of using Norwex products is that you can clean your entire house without having to wheel a cart behind you with all of the cleaning products needed to complete the project. With Norwex, you only need to use a handful of items to get the job done!

You may look at your living room and wonder if that space will ever officially stay clean. It is a high traffic area (hopefully) as you spend time together as a family. A "living" room is meant to be lived in, so it should be a space that needs to be cleaned often. If not, I would challenge you to ask yourself why this space isn't be used to "live together" as a family in.

If your living room seems to constantly be dirty, I want to share with you how you can use Norwex products to clean this crazy living space, no matter how big or small it is.

Wipe down all electronics and lamps with your window cloth or dust mitt

Dust the coffee table, end tables, shelves, piano, and other furniture with a wet or dry dusting mitt

Spot clean your carpets with a wet enviro cloth; you can use the carpet stain buster if needed

Sweep your floors with the dry (yellow) superior mop and then follow up with the wet (blue) superior mop. 

          (You will see all of the dust, hair, pet hair, and dirt lifted and GONE with the superior mop system).

In other words, the only items you need are the:

NO bottles needed, except optional stain buster. Keep a clean and chemical clean home by using Norwex. If you are interested in trying out Norwex, check out my website. If you have any questions about Norwex or why I started using Norwex, please email me

Friday, May 15, 2015

100 Days of Summertime 2015 + GIVEAWAY!

With these warmer temperatures (at least for those living in the north), I can't help but get excited about summer! For those on the east coast, considering all of the snow you had this year, I am sure you are ready too!

Well, it is easy to dream about summer, but then when it is over, often you look back and wonder "where has the time gone? Why did I not make more out of those warm summer months?" These are the exact questions that Jennifer Tankersley has hit on in her e-book 100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook

When I first read the title, I thought really? Is summer really 100 days? It often seems like only 50 with all of the activities happening. Well, Jennifer has on how to EMBRACE summer and make the most of these 100 days, through offering inspiration for your family, fun, food, and not to mention, preventing those lazy summer days where all the kids do is sit around.

After reading the 100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook  I am convinced that if you follow each day, your kids will never be caught saying "I'm bored." That phrase will not even be in their vocabulary. You may have to deal with a few tears at the end of summer because it will be one to remember, but your children will learn to appreciate the holidays, activities, outdoors, summer foods, friends, and all that summer has to offer. It does not matter WHERE you live or even HOW you live. We often think that in order to have fun, you need lots of money. The eBook proves that wrong, as really, the best activities and family time are spent doing things that are FREE.

100 Days of Summertime 2015 is available in PDF and includes a 37-page workbook for planning out a fun and productive summer, for only $8.00!!! It runs from Sunday, May 25 through Monday, August 31

So why is the 100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook  worth your while?

1. The 100 days span the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That means, you will have your act together for BOTH of these holidays by the time they role around. Often these two holidays catch us off guard because we are either preparing for the end of school or the beginning. No worries anymore!

2. Chronological and easy to follow. Each day is dated (ex. June 20) and has various ideas on activities, events, things to think about, and even added resources to make the most of each day.

3. Can I say organized? This eBook isn't just a book. It includes interactive lists from ListPlanIt, calendars (activities for each day), summertime food ideas, and lists that are endless and free to print at the end of the book such as: daily routines, responsibility lists, end of school checklist, hometown tourist list, vacation packing list, school lunch list, clothing inventory, you name it.

4. Timely. Because summer flies by, holidays and special events tend to catch us all off guard. It helps you prepare WELL in advance for when the holiday is approaching. For example, plans for Father's Day begin the Monday before, instead of the night before, with ideas on homemade cards, gifts, and how to best show your father you care.

5. The ideas are really endless. I was skeptical if there really were 100 days of different ideas. I can honestly say there are creative and unique ideas for EVERY DAY. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Memorial Day - Choose a parade to attend, talk about those who have served our country, plan a get-together with friends/family, have a cookout, or head to the beach
  • National Strawberry Shortcake Day - Who knew? Included are recipes!
  • How to prepare for an emergency: includes an inventory and what to gather
  • Create a summer to-do list. Like a bucket list, this includes ideas for games, reading, cooking, places to visit, etc.
  • June 25 - start thinking about Christmas! Too early? Not really; start by taking your family photo!
  • Become a tourist in your hometown. It is easy to neglect the sites and sounds of your hometown when you see it everyday. Explore what your town has to offer and what the tourists are drawn to.
  • Ice cream day? Sign me up!
  • Back to school planning - lists for bedtimes, school supplies, clothing, lunch ideas, routines, how to prepare, and so forth.
  • Too much stuff? Ideas on how to put on a garage sale
  • Labor Day - how to make the most of the last summer holiday!   
I was absolutely amazed at all of the ideas that were included in the 100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook ! There were national days that I didn't even know existed, like the national strawberry shortcake day. You do NOT need to have kids in order to love this ebook. You will still find yourself making the MOST of your summer and ensuring that it will be the best yet!

Jennifer has given me the privilege of doing a giveaway for not only 1, but TWO 100 Days of Summertime 2015 eBook! You bet, that means TWO Organizing Life With Less readers will receive a copy (download) of this eBook for FREEJust sign up below! Giveaway ends Thursday, May 21, at 11:59pm. Or you can buy it now for only $8.00!

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